Home Construction

Here at the Hills of Portalon we do not believe in restrictive building/construction covenants and rules.

We want your home to be your home, your design, and your choice of builders.

Please note that we are not builders, however, We work with reputable area builders and architects who speak English and can help you design your dream home from start to finish.

Over the last 24 years, we have been involved in building several of our own homes and homes for others. We know what a home needs in this climate. We can help you through the many building hurdles and show you where to purchase both construction materials/finishes, and also furniture. There is no need to import most things as was the case 20 years ago. Costa Rica has come a long way and has an endless supply of great furniture and appliances thereby saving you expensive import duties and taxes.

Let us help you complete your dream or at least assist you in your planning. We are here to help you so take advance of our vast experience. We look forward to working with you hand-in-hand.